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  1. Rainbow Snakehead, beautiful fish.
  2. If you considered heat lamp how are you going to control the temperature at night though? I would just go with heat mat honestly quite safer to use. Plus scorpions are nocturnal and lighting isn't really recommended anyway.
  3. This is not really venomous or deadly just aggressive and colorful, a Mbuna Cichlid tank. If not a singular Flowerhorn would be nice also. Some states and countries does not allow people keeping certain species such as Piranha because they are invasive species. You might wan't to check the law and ask the goverment to confirm that if it is allowed or not or can you get a certificate to legally own them. If it fails I would just go with Pacu or Silver Dollar. IMO, predatory fish in the FW hobby are pretty nasty too. I have seen a Flowerhorn kill other predatory fish, Alligator snapping turtle tearing a mouse apart or just simply this Gulper catfish.
  4. Is the tank cycled? Did you properly acclimate it? Theres alot of things to consider in a death of a fish. It could have just been a bad stock (low quality fish). Fuzzy film sound like something like Columnaris or fish fungus I can't diagnose properly without further information. If everything was good before the catfish incident I say that catfish brought some thing in the tank that caused this.
  5. I'm having trouble with the pic, I can't see it. But nonetheless from the looks of things I bet its really beautiful.
  6. This is a very interesting thread/topic, the distribution of H. Longimanus in the Philippines is very and pretty common too. I'm from the Philippines and H. Longimanus are super cheap and common along with H. Hottentotta. I've heard reports that they are Parthenogenetic. Some people do keep them in communal in here too though, so what instar do they mate? It could have been already mated before it was even sold. I'm raising a H. Longimanus atm and I want to look unto this deeply. I bought it from a friend who was given to her by someone atleast thats what she told me. It molted on me for like 3 times.