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  1. me and my friends have been wanting to go on a deep sea fishing charter for a while and im just wanting to know some of the good charters around here that wont break the bank. thanks
  2. If Freckles picked a peck of pickled peppers where's the peck of pickled peppers Freck picked? I bet the owl has something to do with it.
  3. Alright guys this is out of the ordinary for me but Im breeding Blaptica Dubia. That would be the Guyana Orange Spotted Roach. Ive got about 500 of these guys right now and plan on making quite a few "super colonies". Lets just say that Id like to see 6 figures in the future and I aint talking about money.... My question is this. If any of you breed these guys for feeders and what not how often should I clean out their enclosure and change out the egg crates. Ive heard every 3-4 months and Ive heard every 5-6 months. Not that it probably matters but Im gonna take a stab at it and say every 6 months or so. WHY do you ask that Im breeding a hoard of roaches? Well Ive been a HUGE lizard freak since I couldnt hit the toilet standing up, but I was TOTALLY discouraged because I absolutely hate crickets. Therefore Im breeding up a colony of Roaches, planning on spreading the word of their benefits and probably going to end up w/ too many lizards to boot. Either way I love the roaches. No smell. No sound. No escapees. And gutloading them? Well they devour food like the bunch of raving nematoads in that classic Sponge Bob episode where they ate his house. Either way... Any info on when to clean them would be pisser. Ive got all the other husbandry facts down and they are pretty happy w/ their cool 93 degree temps right now. And BTW... I like my beers cold. Roaches fat. And RTBs right around 8 Thanks guys -Ian
  4. Has anyone on here ever heard of spring warrior fish camp on the gulf coast of Fla. if so,is James Pittman still running it??
  5. Great pics Greasy That is some beautiful country out there...and Montes also.