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  8. Theses little critters as well others make cool nests, like watching doing this and I am sure you all do as well.
  9. Well I noticed it was on the door, check around and see if she died inside incase the door slam shut?
  10. Hard to say, it could be related to many things. One if that playhouse get too hot, the queen will leave the nest, unless something happen to her. She was very aggressive while you were filming, trying to locate their nests isn't easy, if the nest get damage, good chance she will leave it as well.
  11. That's good to hear, good chance it will make it as long there no predators swooping around smell the nest. I cannot say what it is, but there something out there on ground level digging up yellow jacket nests.
  12. Hmm the relocate shouldn't be a problem, but where you put it might be a problem. Might want to rise it up some more and I would put another brick or ten pounds weight or rock over that stick, if get loose it can cause more problem and might fall off due to high winds incase storms come in. Besure to check around for webs, kill the spiders if you have to and add some juice for them. Since all this is new to them and they have no ideas where to start looking for foods before it wear off to be weak. Hope it is not too late, hang in there as long the queen stick to it there a good chance.
  13. Good luck, I am surprised they didn't attack you when you remove it. Did you cover them up or put something in the hole? I am pretty sure the queen is in there, probably on top the nest (inside). One more question, how far did you remove this nest from this spot to new location? If it is close, there good chance you will lose some workers or almost all of them and hopefully the queen doesn't fly out. Are you sure it was the same queen? They can pick up their scent and know if their nest or not, possible another queen was flying around?? Moving their nests to another location is very tricky and sometimes it doesn't always work. If the spot is close to new location, they will fly over there (mostly). Best to move their nests like half of mile away from their spot if you going to relocate and make sure it is shaded cool areas. Try get some more branches from that spot and add them around their nest, it may help.
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  15. They can produce workers pretty fast, but they only live for a little over a month then they will die. The bald faced hornets live around two months. Depending on their stages and what they have been doing. I believe these yellow jackets can produce pretty quick and die fast too and slightly longer for hornets. By August/September, this nest would be size of football or slightly larger. Funny when people walked by and see this and thinking wtf, the bees taken over the bird house.