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  1. How are the little guys doing?
  2. Try this: http://scorpiones.pl/scorpionidae/55-opistophthalmus-boehmi-kraepelin-1896
  3. I felt the same way back when I joined. And, alas, it has not improved. I did get some information from one of the moderators. The big problem is that the owner of the site seems to have abandoned it. Probably very difficult for the remaining moderators to do anything. I am on a several other forums but this one would be my favorite if we could get active members onboard again. There is still great content out here. The Bees/Wasps section seems to be the only real active area on the site today. So, hopefully, it can get brought back to life.
  4. May not be cooler by the water dish. Just more humid. They like the temperatures between 77-82 degrees but humidity needs to be around 70% That is fairly high. Can't tell what your substrate is but I would suggest switching to Eco Earth (coco fiber) as this will help hold the humidity better as well. The T sounds stressed and I am confident that once you get the enclosure to the proper settings, he will respond favorably.
  5. Definitely too cold. Try to find a way to get the temp at least up to 75. They actually like it even warmer than that if possible (77-82).
  6. New

    Would love for you to share any/all research you have on toxicity. I have a P. Transvaalicus. I have heard the same thing. Never been spayed yet but I suppose that is the point. I use caution at all times on my HOT scorps. Thanks.
  7. New

    Hello Laurens, Welcome aboard. Love to hear more about both your scorpions and true spiders as I am an avid collector. I have well over 100 inverts in my collection. The venomous species fascinate me most.
  8. Welcome back James!
  9. These are all awesome photos. You have skill with the camera! Great species across the board as well.
  10. Looks like the link is broken?
  11. Looks like a Chilean Rose (Grammostola rosea) to me.
  12. Lucky find! Good luck rearing the Oecobius navus.
  13. Quite a bonus. Congrats!
  14. Any ideas on the species that built that monster?
  15. I have both water with a bit of sugar diluted in it and a jelly pack that I use for my other beetles. They seem to love the jelly pack!