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  1. Bump for sale!
  2. Bump for sale!
  3. Bump for Sale!
  4. Bump for sale!
  5. FS: A. Australis scorplings i2 20 left Still up for sale, i need them GOne!! 1 $ 17.00 each, 2 for $30.00 Terms of Service These scorpions are considered one of the most venomous in the world. Will only sell to adults 18 + and older with experience! Buyers must pay for Shipping! Guarantee live arrivals using Priority shipping. Dead On Arrival DOA policy For DOA, you must contact me within an 1 hour after receiving package, you must be able to sign the package at first delivery Attempt! You must keep all original packaging. I need a picture verification. Refund Policy All sales are final. No refunds! Shipping policy I'm not responsible for Delivery delay's or error. Payment Policy I accept Paypal. Or local pick up. Location: Los Angeles You can contact me at: or Pm!
  6. Everyone has their method on how they handle their hot Scorps. This is just simply a alternative method, to get an accurate count of the pectines, It will also help to check to see if there is any parasite infestation. But no offense to the moderators in anyway, we all have a different way of handling them. Of course we all know any chance you remove your scop from its container or tank, there are Dangerous risk involved! like the scorpion escaping or worse stinging you!(Use Caution)! when dealing with these creatures especially venomous ones use "tweezers" i use them to move the water dishes & decorations around. This is what i normally do: I just use a deli cup and put it inside their enclosure and push them by the rear with a pair of tweezers, they go in with out a problem. I even tried before to transfer my AA to a different container by using tweezers but she get really aggressive after the transfer. If you think about it Most of their predators that eat them bites off their tails 1st. So would that mean a pair of tweezers can be like teeth chewing off their tail to them? But: crustylayer Please listen to the moderators they have great experience!
  7. I don't believe in using tweezers to pick up my scorps. Usually i just use a deli and scoop them up, its better for them cause it also doesn't stress them out. Also you can put them inside a sandwitch bag flip them upside down for a moment take a picture then enlarge to count their pactines then do the counting!
  8. Hello everyone I had bought a pair of i4 Parabuthus transvaalicus alittle over 1 year ago. The Original owner believed that it should have been 1 male and female, but unfortunaltey it turns out that they are both female and i have in total of 3 female Parabuthus transvaalicus. I'm missing a male parenter does anyone have a male Parabuthus transvaalicus they either would like to trade or sale please let me know what you got. You can email me at: Thanks
  9. Thank you Moderator for Confirming!
  10. I know this post was a long time ago thanks for the warning on this person. also wanted to know if you received your money back from this guy?
  11. and that is why i had reason to believe this was a male, because of his or her Pectine size. Also females have a more triangular shape in the top mid section of the pectine and theres a wider gape between the teeth. The Pincers are medium size which makes it harder to identify. I really appreciate everyone's theory on this. But it seems that i may need to get a electron microscope to count out the 30 something tiny little teeths in pectine to confirm lol.
  12. Hello everyone I'm new to the Venom list forums, and would just wanted to see if anyone can confirm the sex of this Parabuthus transvaalicus?
  14. thanks man i'm a noob at this page lol.
  15. I have a breed of 20 Tityus stigmurus babies for sale they are small and very healthy. I believe they are i2 and have a bit of an appetite $10 each, 3 for $7 shipping not included. let me know if your interested this breed has a very toxic venom. 5 from a scale of 1 - 5 so i will only sell to experienced hobbyist. very interesting kind of scorpion please e-mail me for pictures at: