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  1. No harm no foul. Thank you for a kind response.
  2. I'm sure I am just being nervous. It is hard for me to come by certain species. I over think things lol. Thank you.
  3. This comment was directed towards iweigle. Just so there is no confusion. James- I am glad you are happy with your specimen. He/she is very pretty. Regardless of what kind of species this is, It is still under the genus Androctonus. Enjoy and be safe. -Keith
  4. Thanks abyss! I was using my friends iphone 4.
  5. Lol, no man. I speak my own business. Your business belongs to you.
  6. You know its one thing to make a point, Its another thing entirely to make some one feel silly for their opinions. Please excuse me if i am reading this wrong but I feel that you are not being very friendly.
  7. nope. not that. my visual sighting occurs in the 1st and 2nd metasomal segments. Dont worry I wont eat the poo lol
  8. Lol! no man, not like that...Im talkin about inside the scorpions tail.. this scorpion is clear in color so you can see its intestines and what not..it tripped me out. Now I feel stupid for asking haha. Luckily Michiel didnt tear me a new one
  9. well now I just feel silly for asking.
  10. ^ link is not working.
  11. Sweet setup! That microscope must be a real treat to have.
  12. Thank you! Lioth: when do you think your going to get a second scorpion?
  13. By the way, that photo is of a Heteroscodra maculata (male). Baboon spiders are mean as hell but they are not going to kill you. Its your bounty, enjoy it
  14. Keep it. Enjoy it. Study it. Let us know your personal opinions on this species. Old world Tarantulas are the best. Good luck.
  15. Thanks man! The first two pictures are of a Buthacus arenicola (Egyptian green scorpion), the second set of pictures are of an Androctonus australis (yellow fat tail scorpion (4 instar)), and the third picture is of a Leiurus quinquestriatus (Death stalker) which is in it's third instar. They do look like Bark scorpions to me as well, They are of the same family Buthidae. I must say that the website you speak of is excellent and has a lot of good information for hobbyists/ researchers like ourselves. Unfortunately I had a disagreement with a member leading to my ban. How many emperors do you currently have? Im sure they are some respectable specimens.