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    Sw. Georgia, Home of the Hentzi King
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    I am highly into my tarantulas, scorpions I just gotten into scorpions from a guy on here you know who you are, I have 34 tarantulas now and have 4 scorpions
  1. You and me both bro
  2. congrats on your new brood and one to come. I've always wanted to get me a couple. How are them hentzis going for you
  3. Thanks Fang And no, in most cases you cannot just have one T. They are captivating, well for me they are.
  4. wow, what a beautiful T
  5. My first T was when i was living in San benito Tx. I was out and about looking arounnd and flipping things over to see what i could find. And wham, i came across a Aphonopelma hentzi. And i was so excited and happy that I've found a Tarantula, (and the thing was i was always nervous about handle T's cuz of all the scary miths I've heard of them). So i kept that beautiful T. When i moved back to Georgia, I've done nothing but researching anything i could find about T's, since the tarantula fever was in my system and didn't want to stop there. So i bought me a A. seemanni from the local pet store. I was happy but wasn't satisied with that. Then i bought my my baby giorl, B. smithi. That was my first T i raised from a sling. And that opened up a whole new realm with T's to the point I kept on getting more and more T's -Mark
  6. Yes they are and I would love to get me another one once I get all my medical bills striaghten out. Then I will see about rebuilding my collection again. Brachy's are a moast for me to get
  7. Oh what a beautiful auratum. Man i sure do miss having mine thanks for sharing
  8. Nope ,still missing! I'm glad you found the little crab! Scott, hope you will be able to catch the lilone
  9. I love your Hairies setup. And I miss having my H. arizonensis.
  10. You sure have done an awesome job there. I love it
  11. What a cool looking enclosure Great job
  12. Welcome Back brandon, man it's been too long. Always wondered how you have been
  13. thanks Mark I have added a few new things, just have to get new pix posted
  14. Thanks for your comment My wife and I really enjoy this tank. I have added a few more things since i last posted on the thread, I'll get around posting pix. I also thinned out alot of mushrooms cuz they are producing very quickly, like wild flowers.
  15. Take it no one is a reef fan lol