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  1. Incredible enclosure.....I am doing the same type of enclosure for my Naja K. Hope I get a few atras' soon
  2. AWSOME Naja Naja........incredible coloration.....congrats
  3. Scorpions..... 0.8.0. Androctonus australis - "Yellow fat-tail" all adult female that bred and averaged 38 scorplings each.------$25 0.1.0. Leiurus quinquestriatus - "Egyptian Death Stalker",Adult female that gave me 32 scorplings.------$25 0.2.0. Leiurus quinquestriatus - "Hebreaus" Isreali Death Stalker, 2 adult females gave 34 and 28 scorplings.--------$25 ~No sales to minors~ Tarantulas.... 0.1.0. Brachypelma smithi - "Mexican red knee" adult female....big girl...5 years old--------$200 0.1.0. Brachypelma albopilosum - "Curly haired" adult female...real big ...7 years old-------$50 0.1.0. Avicularia "braunshauseni" close to 7 inches, you dont see these often---------$100 0.1.0. Haplopelma lividum - between 5 and 6 inches, beautiful mature girl---------$75 I'm leaving the I need to get rid of these only trades i'm interested in are for venomous snakes My e-mail is LAG is with over night shipping only prices dont include shipping shipping is your choice. For LAG you must notify me with in 2 hours of recieving your package and you must ship the body back to me at your cost. LAG
  4. I am looking for a B. smithi male.......doesnt have to be mature just needs to be a male or a couple of slings (1 inch and bigger) LMK......thanks
  5. Thats right, for $30 you get 4 Androctonus australis slings.........SHIPPED......Priority....... you know you want them.............and you wont find a better deal Looking for a B. smithi male for trade........willing to give you 6 A.a. for your male.......... also willing to trade for snakes LMK No L.A.G. on priority shipping but L.A.G. is available with over night shipping.....You just have to pay for it
  6. $10 each plus shipping of your choice 2nd and 3rd instar.........already eating dubia shoot me a PM L.A.G. on overnight shipping only (if this occurs, we will split the second shipping costs) Must be signed for on the first attempt and you must notify me with pics whithin 1 hour of delivery. I may also have you ship it back
  7. Androctonus australis ---2nd and 3rd instar ......I have alot $15 each + shipping of your choice cheaper if you buy in bulk L.A.G. is only with overnight shipping only trades i'm interested in are for venomous snakes shoot me a PM I'm in south Florida U.S.A.
  8. I have a MM Ornithoctonus aureotibialis that is about 3 weeks mature, and ready to go....Let me know what you are looking to do as I am open to trades, sales, 50/50s Thanks Just FYI....i'm in the U.S.