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  1. Figure I would add my facility for this forum and this 3 side pole barn is where I keep my honeybees and also it has been used by wasps, yellow jackets, and bumblebees. I call this pole barn of mine my bee shack. I also keep my tools for opening beehives and they are my hive tool, frame gripper, entrance reducers, mouse guards to keep mice out of the hives during the winter and my smoker.
  2. Howdy Folks! It sure feels good to back home on the Venom List! I was ready to pull my hair out fighting the browser with the deceptive site warnings and the ant-virus software blocking me from going to the site. Well anyhow here are pics of a swarm I caught. On Hump Day this past week I was getting ready to leave the bee yard and saw a swarm coming forth from another hive sadly I could not get that one because I had to go to work Regards, Michael
  3. Hey buddy!! Those are some super cool nests you got there. Have you found any Vespula nests at all this year?
  4. What is wrong with the site? What error message are you getting? I removed the double post for you
  5. Awesome nests buddy! How did you get the brittle nests out of the ground in one piece? Any Dolichovespula Sp. nests?
  6. Another Arenaria nest cool! Having trouble too sometimes this stupid SQL error message comes up and if I refresh it goes away. As an Admin I have no way of fixing it but if it comes up I will contact Issac Miller.
  7. I fixed the problem with the triple post. Nice nest BTW. I would love to have that
  8. That nest is very beautiful looking.
  9. Dad found this hive in a fallen oak tree and will need to be placed into a hive before winter sets in.
  10. Hey Chris, That is a nice nest you removed. I myself have a honeybee removal and the hive is in a tree that was knocked down during a strong storm and it is on our property. I have a video of the hive which I will upload.
  11. Taken care of Chris, I have made 2 splits o the beehives and they have queens too
  12. Cool little nest there Chris, Hey are going to relocate a nest or two like the German Yellow Jackets?
  13. Hey Vulgaris, I've hear of that VAAM before and its like the secretion produced my Japanese hornet larvae and the adults eat it. Have you seen my horizontal hives lately? They have bees in them
  14. That be a big ole European hornet for you. I only seen one this year
  15. I love the red wasp the best. I would love to have a 12 inch red wasp nest for my collection