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  1. Hey Vulgaris! Not sure about drone production yet
  2. Here is another one I almost forgot about. We again had a European hornet nest but this time could not find the nest but saw the huge wasps flying about and here are some pics of a male European hornet from last year. I brought the huge wasp into my room and to keep him still while I took pics I fed him some honey which he lapped up very quickly. One of the best things about male wasps and bees is they have no sting and that makes a perfect opportunity to handle a bee or wasp without fear of getting stung. Regards, Michael
  3. Hello fellow wasp and bee folks, Sorry I have not posted in a long time as there has not been much in terms of bees and wasps but I got some pics of the first beehive inspection of the 2018 season. All 8 hives made it thru but one was about dead due to lack of food and tracheal mites but I have since turned that hive around and they are doing well. The colonies inside the horizontal hives still have a lot of honey left and some of it is crystallized. Right now the pollen they are gathering is from maples and spotted purple dead nettle Regards, Michael
  4. Those are such a cool species I like how big they get as well. The nest grew to be very large and I have videos on my channel too
  5. Thanks buddy, Yeah it was very high up and my dad came so if I fell out of the tree and got injured he could take me back home and get me to the hospital. Safety first
  6. Hey Vulgaris, I have not been up today to look at the nest because my dad and I got home last night from our up North vacation in Wisconsin. Speaking of bumbles I saw some really cool bumbles in Wisconsin and I also got the eclipse too
  7. Here is a recent pic of the nest I took today and the nest is much larger
  8. Howdy Folks, Been a couple weeks but my old computer kept crashing giving me the blue screen of death and got a new one now. I relocated a bumblebee nest earlier this year and it has grown a lot and this species is the American Bumblebee ( Bombus Pensylvanicus ) I will go up sometime and take more of the nest since it is much larger and get video too.
  9. That is a big beautiful nest you found. My bees have done well this year I got 3 pails worth of honey, I caught a swarm and relocated a bumblebee nest.
  10. Figure I would add my facility for this forum and this 3 side pole barn is where I keep my honeybees and also it has been used by wasps, yellow jackets, and bumblebees. I call this pole barn of mine my bee shack. I also keep my tools for opening beehives and they are my hive tool, frame gripper, entrance reducers, mouse guards to keep mice out of the hives during the winter and my smoker.
  11. Howdy Folks! It sure feels good to back home on the Venom List! I was ready to pull my hair out fighting the browser with the deceptive site warnings and the ant-virus software blocking me from going to the site. Well anyhow here are pics of a swarm I caught. On Hump Day this past week I was getting ready to leave the bee yard and saw a swarm coming forth from another hive sadly I could not get that one because I had to go to work Regards, Michael
  12. Hey buddy!! Those are some super cool nests you got there. Have you found any Vespula nests at all this year?
  13. What is wrong with the site? What error message are you getting? I removed the double post for you
  14. Awesome nests buddy! How did you get the brittle nests out of the ground in one piece? Any Dolichovespula Sp. nests?
  15. Another Arenaria nest cool! Having trouble too sometimes this stupid SQL error message comes up and if I refresh it goes away. As an Admin I have no way of fixing it but if it comes up I will contact Issac Miller.