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  1. Hi guys its been a while since I last visit VL, was having trouble with the authorities in my country before. It was nice to see the site is still up. Cheers! Regards to VL family!
  2. Very nice info Leo
  3. Jero welcome back! and congratulations on your cute baby
  4. Hey Luther I think the second picture is a Centruroides species.
  5. Hey Alex, feel free to do a write up on H.longimanus, I'm still with the observation. I need to collect more information. I'll be posting a link on your write up to add some information if it's alright. Cheers Chest
  6. Hi I'm looking for the following MALES: Sericopelma rubronitens Phormictopus cancerides Eupalaestrus campestratus Haplopelma longipes Haplopelma lividum
  7. I think there is some miscarriage of embryos in here. Michael said after parturition, there are yellow bubble like embryos that do came out from the female genital opperculum. My guess would be stress for being exposed from different sheen, after getting out of the dark. This species has a trait of running in circles once exposed on light. Cheers Chest
  8. Congrats with the new youngs! I use to have early instar of that spp. its hard to raised them, from 8 slings from 2nd instar, 2 of them survive and currently on 5th instar, and it takes 2 years for them to molt thrice and I'm afraid I can't continue raising them due to lack of female. Cheers Chest
  9. Hey gio I think mine reaches 8 inches, its an adult male. how about yours? and truly they're slow grower, it feels like 7-9 months before they get another jump on molting. Cheers Chest
  10. Good to hear hey Jero I just realized that my P.exitialis are really awesome in color.. never thought I would be hook with Pandinus species too, but don't get me wrong because it won't change my love for Tityus and Uroplectes species ROFL
  11. See you later. Ü
  12. True. So true
  13. looking good Heiko
  14. Hi guys I'm planning to make an SOTM about Superstitionia donensis, I just don't know when. Michiel knows my situation.
  15. Hi guys just an update, I manage to breed some of my Pandinus species somalia and Pandinus exitialis and the youngs are on their turn to give me more youngs yay! thanks for the ID Jero, your thoughts are right most of them are P.cavimanus and more likely most are males. I have lots of them in early instar now and their doing good in their communal tank set-up