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  1. a few miles east-northeast of Phoenix, AZ
  2. I dont know if it was mentioned, but I always like to keep a small water container in my scorps enclosures. Yours is rather small so the plastic screw off cap from a soda, water, or booze bottle works perfectly. I like leaving a water dish mainly because I am a busy person and will sometimes forget to mist a cage and the water dish offers some humidity. I have also witnessed almost every species of scorpion I have had drinking from their water dish at some point in time.
  3. This is definitely an American toad. No longer in the Bufo genus. Species name is now Anaxyrus fowleri
  4. specimen #2
  5. My friends over at scorpion forum are stumped on IDing these two. Specimen #1
  6. Bold man right there. I dont know that I would ever handle any Scolopendrid.
  7. I moved this thread to the scorpion thread, hopefully more people will see it here and be able to help you out. Any pics yet?
  8. Welcome to the VL, I travelled to your neck of the woods earlier this year. Beautiful country you have out there in PA
  9. Welcome to the VL Elliot
  10. Keep talking to her about it, keep your sisters away from it when you get it, and read as much as you can about it. The more you read about it, the more your mom may realize how serious you are about it. I got my first scorp when I was 14, so I know what you are going through. I live in the US, so I don't know how difficult it may be for you to get them in Spain. I would have to assume that they'd be easy enough to get as Africa is closer to you than it is to me and we get wild imports all the time. Keep me posted on your ability to locate any and if you have gotten your mother to budge at all.
  11. any babies lweigle?
  12. That is awesome man! I haven't been on here in a while, so forgive me if you've answered this question a thousand times, are you a forestry major or natural resources?
  13. Did you have any luck with the identification?
  14. I am making a return as well!
  15. Where are you from? How is this guy holding up for you?