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  1. I have seen that variation in northern sonora state mexico, Magdalena to be exact.... wherever it is from, it is a nice looking Centruroides for sure..not sure if it needs the substrate to be so damp though
  2. must be nice... verrry nice looking lil snake...he/she has awesome colors and horns..
  3. here is a pic of me holding the snake I caught at work...
  4. I know what you mean... coming from CO I had no idea how much diversity there was dealing with snakes and lizards here... Every time I go out to the desert it is like a vacation to me.. I also found a huge gopher snake where I work.. at a hospital.. in the parking lot..
  5. Thanks Mark....The blue speck reminds me of a rattlesnake that got coated in bleu cheese crumbles... awesome coloration..
  6. Thanks Michiel, I know what you mean... even though they seem motionless in the cage they will follow movements with just their eyes... nature at work,... awesome.. Darrell
  7. Thanks.. They are some of my favorites..
  8. C. mitchelli C. mitchelli C. mitchelli C. tigris
  9. Thanks for posting this Michiel... Darrell
  10. good luck, and like the others said, try not to abandon the hobby altogether, trust me I know how it can be.... although I had to get rid of most everything, I always held on to a few critters, now I have a few more and am happy to be able to keep them, they definately helped me through some dark days.... Darrell
  11. Hello. Glad to hear more research is going on in the way of venom. I would venture to think that there is alot more neurotoxin components to the whole viridis "complex" than was previously thought of. I myself am a native of colorado, born in pueblo. I think that evolution is definitely playing a part in venom composition . My dad's friend owns a small piece of property in walsenburg, colorado. He had a good size steer die a couple years ago from a rattlesnake bite. Usually a cow will take a bite to the face while foraging for food and survive it with only swelling and bruising as a result. Hats off to you and those who are forging new ground in the realm of venom research... I look forward to seeing the results... Best regards.. Darrell
  12. @canth....I.do remember selling you Paraphrynus as well as a few other inverts....however the exact date escapes me...glad to hear your whip scorpion is doing well. No doubt due to your care and attention. I really like those little critters. They ar probably the least dangerous animals I encounter in the desert.
  13. Thanks Michiel... I will try to post some more pics in about a week, just for people to see how the healing has progressed, albeit slowly.... Darrell
  14. these pics are from today August 3rd , I have been back to work for a week now and try to limit my exposure to pathogens as much as I can, however keeping the wound covered even with a nitrile glove tends to keep it damp and warm thereby creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. most of the blood blisters have flaked off revealing new skin underneath, and although the swelling is still apparent, I have gained more movement and dexterity with my hand day by day. I should also note that I have been without pain medication (percocet) for over a week now, but am taking dietary supplements for the wound and joints in hopes that they will help repair damage to cartilage and perhaps restore some freedom of movement later on. there is also a pic of the snake that bit me included in this series, she is a wonderful captive and hopefully gravid, Many people have asked me if I plan to get rid of my snakes, and my roommate also stated that they are not doing me any good, however I have "bonded" with them I guess for lack of a better term and maybe alot of you can see where I am coming from. I feel somehow connected with them and owe it to them to give the best care I possibly can to them. In the short time I have had with them I have learned alot, and in turn they have helped me get through a bad time in my life, along with my invertebrates. I am happy to be part of this community I guess that is why this writeup is only appearing here on this site. So many people are quick to condemn these fascinating creatures that we keep, and I can think of no other society that can use this information without condemning me as a venomous keeper than this one. I have made alot of friends here and am grateful for you all... Thank you Venomlist, please feel free to add comments or questions and I will answer them as best as I can,, Best regards.. Darrell Crump
  15. this new study of antivenom is between CroFab and the new antivenom treatment called AnaVip.. I am not sure which treatment I received and am not sure if I ever will. These pics are from one week after being home, the pain is still present although slowly going away with the swelling day by day, there is circulation at the end of the bitten extremity, however there is definately nerve damage as I cannot feel the tip of my finger as well as the bite site itself, which may be a "good" thing as it looks more painful now than it is.