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  1. Nice haul, you scored a few species I want. It's funny hearing that P. imperators are hard to find, and expensive now.
  2. This is not an amateur genus.
  3. Yes, must walk before running.
  4. First, welcome to the forum. How long have you been working with scorpions? There is a paper, a research paper, published in Euscorpius, in 2008, on the species (http://www.science.marshall.edu/fet/euscorpius/p2008_70.pdf). Naturally, it's not a care sheet, but it covers the habitat range. I noticed that you commented on one of Michiel's posts from several years back. He is still working with scorpions, but also has a lot on his plate. At any rate, R. pintoi was initially classified as a subspecies of R. laticauda in 1932, then synonymized into R. laticauda in 1982, before finally becoming an independent species in 2006.
  5. That's awesome, Tim!
  6. Thank you, Scott. Sorry that we've been slow over here.
  7. Pretty simple, common sense, really. If it can't be linked to VenomList, as in, it is completely unrelated, it doesn't belong here and would be better off in the General Board, where staff can decided to move it here or not. Cheers, Rasputin and the VenomList staff
  8. There is a new subforum in the Anything Goes section for all your VL related event needs, just CLICK HERE. The rules for the new subforum can be found HERE. Please refrain from posting your events in this subforum. Thanks, Rasputin and the VenomList staff
  9. Brandon, we've been trying, as we have time, to get things back. Come back.
  10. I finished clearing out all of the spam, literally, a few minutes ago. Now I'm trying to sort through a few posts I didn't intend to delete, so I can restore them to the forum, haha.
  11. Yay! I'm so stoked that you're back, even is part time. I'm partway through deleting all the spam.
  12. Michael has been with VL since 03/03/2009, a moderator since 27/12/2009, and my pleasure to announce hornissen as our newest Administrator. Cheers, Rasputin, The Nothing, and RaZeDaHeLL
  13. Pictures always help
  14. Interesting. I'm checking it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Right on. Keep us in the know if you do find something.