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    i am interested in all species of scorpions
  1. So back in the day we used to have an activity called scorpion of the month where well respected and intelligent keepers would provide information and care on a certain species. Here is the link to Isometrus maculatus ---- http://venomlist.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13737&st=0&gopid=161387entry161387%C2'>
  2. looks good man
  3. where was it found?
  4. bow wow. great photos man
  5. im not sure my first thought was that it was a Pandinus sp, but i also think it resembles a Heterometrus xanthopus but im not sure do you know where its from?
  6. thanks for the heads up michiel and thank you for the link rasputin i think i am going to be investing some money into these books.
  7. Emperors scorpion would be my first suggestion also a couple other good choices are the Desert hairy and Flat rock scorpion I do not suggest jumping into the more dangerous sp of scorpions work you way up is always the best thing to do. All of the sp i mentioned are great beginning sp depending if you want to go with a tropical sp or a arid sp the cage is perfectly fine to house all of those sp. emperors like to borrow into the substraight an ideal amount of substraight is about 5-6 inches. as you can only go 3 inches i would suggest building it up in the back where there is not ventilation holes and make it like a hill then they can borrow into the side of the hill. the Pot looks like an ideal hid for an emperor and will fit in nicely scorpions need a very shallow water dish. ask if you have any more questions.
  8. there is different ways to sex different scorpions like rasputin said. Narrow the topic down a bit to a certain genus or sp and you will probably get a more direct answer.
  9. In my opinion there shouldn't be a need to get a pectin count the chela method with this sp is very spot on and can be used for other sp of Parabuthus. But if you want to go into a good method of getting a pectin count or a photo of the underside of a scorpion. I place them into a clear deli cup of appropriate size then i will place a soft material that will mold around the scorpions body and hold it steadily in place with out harming the scorpion for example pillow stuffing or cotton balls something along those lines. hope this can help Here is a photo example of what a bulbs chela looks like on a P. liosoma
  10. this is one of the baby eaglets that was born this year at the park there heads dont turn white till they mature.
  11. Im always on my guard while working with pedes but never do i hold them only the stone pedes i will hold. Takes some real guts to pick up a pede for your first time. nice job well done loved the video though
  12. hmmmm very interesting stuff i always think its fun to buy some scorpions that i am not positive on the sp and go through and ID them its always alot of fun i think. haven't ever had a chance to work with Tityus species but some day i will.
  13. but yes i agree with PuzL he is spot on with the identification.
  14. arizona black tip. never ceases to amaze me how people will just call scorpions anything they want.