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  1. Hey Guys I got sold these scorpion as being C.sulpturatus since i was in a rush i didnt take a closer look before i got home, but they seem to be C.elegans to me ? am i correct ? or ?
  2. Well as soon as one of them dies iam going to put it under my own microscope
  3. Well the Euscorpius i have are from hungary and i have only been able to find infomation saying that Hungary contains 2 sp of Euscorpius, E.italicus and E.tergestinus and i really doubt that the Euscorpius i have are E.italicus
  4. congrats on the brood mate, but do you keep instars with the adults ? seems to be a smaller sub adult hiding near the deli cup thing iam expecting 2 broods myself on H.cyaneus hopefully soon
  5. Well your more then welcome to guessing the species of my brood.. on the Bothriurus sp and Urophonius i have very little experiance in them so i have no idea..
  6. Was feeding the new arrivels and some of my orther scorps when i found this 2 broods of E.tergestinus
  7. So got a little package from the UK today some lovely little scorps I ordered 3 of these, but got 2 of them, the dark one below was labled as one of them i ordred..
  8. Hey Michiel if possible could you send that key to me allso? rckejser"a" thx alot mate..
  9. Hmm what to expect from inside of a scorpion goo, organs.. more goo well start at the underside and make a cut and work your way inside.. i have been thinking about doing the same when one of my larger sp die.. after abit of reading in the biology of scorpions i wanna see it for myself and stuff.. will be looking forward to your pictures..
  10. i allso got a book from Luc before and it was in mint condition.. looked like it had never been used
  11. its weird that you got 2 from 1 brood that had 2 metasomas, iam wondering how it works out for them internally with digestive system system and stuff like that.. i wonder what caused the "mutation" and if it was genestics or something externally that might have caused it..
  12. So are you planing on selling some of them ?
  13. If Luc allready hasnt sent it let me know and i can send it to you instead
  14. Thx for the quick respons on email and thx for the paper
  15. Hey Luc So your saying that its morely commend to have a allegic reaction to the anitvenom then to the venom itself? But no allegic reaction as we see with ppl having peanut allegi? or bee allegi? Funny enough Jan allso told me about a study showing that there was a cross reaction between the venom of fireants and Centruroides vittatus and that peoples stung multiple times by fireants had a major risk of developing serious allergy reactions to C. vittatus stings. but again a case of sensitivization