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  1. Such a beautiful species. I have noticed they are very abundant in my area in 2017, moreso than other years
  2. Excellent photos! The hives look very healthy. Do you know if any drones are produced at this time of year ?
  3. Hey Hornissen, this is a great setup. Just curious, why does each hive have a ramp ?
  4. Combs came out relatively whole for being soggy! also I did not see much resistance after pouring the water.
  5. Very cool! It looks like Vespa orientalis is a huge scavenger in that area.
  6. From the videos it looks like they were successful! Bumble nests without covering insulation seem to always build the wax canopy.
  7. Looks like that swarm was super high judging based on the ladder in the background! Nice catch.
  8. That nest looks like it might have been high enough off the ground to not cause much of a problem
  9. Hey Hornissen this nest is looking great. How is it doing ?
  10. Stunning nest! I had the same issue with my squamosa, a bunch of workers defended a mostly flooded and half dug up empty nest and prevented me from salvaging anything. It is difficult to say if that is the Foundress. Aged yellowjackets will most often have dark spots on the abdominal terga where the pigments have degraded, like this old V. flavopilosa foundress
  11. I didn't realize people actually tried to recreate the substance that hornet larvae secrete to feed the adults. This is marketed as having health benefits and increased endurance, but there doesn't seem to be much science behind this. Has anyone personally tried it? It's pretty expensive but seems to be available online.
  12. Great article! I like how it is fact based, and not written with hatred for the organisms. Your small wasp removal business seems to have been very successful so far. How many years has it been since you started this ?
  13. Just wanted to share these two photos I took last week, depicting the similarities between P. annularis and exclamans. They really do build similar style of nests, hanging at a certain angle and with a certain convexity
  14. Sweden is just north of Germany. I am not sure if there are any other species in that area which can attain such large nest sizes Our honeybees are doing well despite the colder weather back home. As of right now we have no plans for a horizontal hive
  15. Awesome video thanks for sharing! I see many males on that nest. I really need to go out on a boat to find overhanging nests like this while I am in LA!