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  1. I'm pretty sure this doesn't belong under Venomous Snakes of the USA.
  2. Love'em. I may have to finally break down and get one!
  3. A few more as I have a around 2000, pics not T's N.chromatus post molt. Flash washed out the colors a bit- My mm M.robustum that has gone to the "great burrow in the sky" Female E.murinus skeleton leg on a rare visit above ground Thumper, my T.blondi & pride & joy of my collection. I lost her a couple of months ago, she was 9.25" Thumper after she died. You can see on the lower right of her abd a black cyst that had grown.
  4. Lots of great info! Love the timber's but they've been hiding out from me this year & I haven't seen a one.
  5. Lemme see what I can dig up out of my photobucket: My new female pulchripes from earlier this year Female river from months back Post molt of one of my little pulchra thats taking forever to grow Gypsy, my old girl seemani My 7 legged lividum One of the GBB's from back in January. Bigger now of course.
  6. Aphonopelma hentzi. I was around 12 and found a wandering male crossing a busy street by my house. I had no clue what I was doing at the time & kept the little guy in a coffee can & feed him grasshoppers all Summer.
  7. Still looking for Diplocentrus whitei from around the Big Bend area. Willing to pay top $$ if anyone has any they can part with. Please PM me.:cool:
  8. Gorgeous! I have a 4.5" female coming about the middle of the week from a trade and can't wait!! I've been wanting one of these feisty beauties for a long time.
  9. Nice varied collection you have. Very jealous of the balfouri!
  10. Those are stunning scorps! Too bad I never see them for sale here in the states, I'd be all over those!!
  11. Missed it by that much! I would have guessed P.lugardi but, chordatus it is. Awesome baboon Raze!
  12. Anyone from West Tx have any of these beauties to part with or know of a dealer with them, please shoot me a pm. I'd love to add 3 or 4 of these to my collection. I'll pay asking price + shipping of course. You can also email any info to: Thanks, John (SNAFU)
  13. S.subspinipes 7"
  14. Crappy pic I snapped outside the house on the 4th. Legs are just lucky number 7.
  15. O.glabrifrons, thanks- I stand corrected! I'm not familiar with these at all, just thought it was kind'a cool looking!