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  1. Great! Thanks Michiel! Sorry i replyed so late....I forgot I asked the question LOL I am doing good! I hope you are as well!
  2. Hi Michiel, Didn't you determine what species they were? Here is a pic of one I had.
  3. Wow 16 Ts ! You need more scorps though ! Hopefully we can get the kinks ironed out for you. Enjoy the site and post away,Kirsten .
  4. Very cool Alex ! I hope it is successful !
  5. Cool Ts and setups !
  6. Beautiful Isometrus and Lychas ! The ones I had were drab in comparison ! The others are nice too !
  7. Welcome back ! That is sad ! Unfortunately it is change or be left behind in life but that is a good thing ! otherwie we would still be knocking rocks and wondering how to make fire .
  8. Congrats !
  9. Like the title says I am looking for giant vinegaroons.Let me know by e-mail if you have any for sale . Thanks Scott
  10. Beautiful Poecis !
  11. A friend is looking for a red widow male,if you have one you will part with please send me a pm with price. Thanks, Scott
  12. Great pics!
  13. That little male definitely has more growing to do.....these are great little scorps !
  14. He,y Wayne, If you see this I will miss you and you can call if you still havemy number,Ron has it if you speak with him. I wish you luck ! Hang in there and do what you gotta do ! I have faith you will be back !
  15. Hey Greg, I want to show a friend on FB your full setup but I can only see the first page of your photobucket.Can you repost your setup pic from the other thread? Thanks !