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  1. South Corsica
  2. As far as i know all recluse spiders are native to south america
  3. sounds like its a con,by the none organic farmers to ban organic farming in us.
  4. think that depends on humidity and temp,you should also let them eat each other to reduce numbers like in the wild,once they are bigger you can use micro crickets.
  5. great macros
  6. Possible brown recluse
  7. ARGIOPE LOBATE,great pic
  8. Great i feel sad that all the sigts where they should be in uk are under water,alass vastley decreasing the number in uk.
  9. ive raised many ARGIOPE SPIDERS and there often look like this.
  10. Does any one know what the species is ,that i commonly find in with small brown crickets? sorry i dont have pic.
  11. i kept these spiders at one time,there very fast and once when feeding one got out.i eventually caught it,the next day i saw that i was bitten,the end of my finger was black,and the venom was creeping up my armlike a rash,it wasnt painfull,just a bit scary.antibiotics soon did the trick.
  12. DWA you can apply for from most countcils in uk,the cost varies from each one ,£1000,£1500 depending on your countcil,they will come and check your place to see if its flats,or some they doent like,will ask you questions,about how you intend to keep them ,if you intend to take them out to handle ,or feed,etc.hope this has been of use to you.
  13. they are great pics,is the holconia,the the as immanis,or another species?
  14. i breed African large clawed frogs ,which i feed them meal worms,but not as a staple diet.It would be beificial to use a calcium dust,you can also feed them pinkies,which would have a small aount of calcium in,tiger worms ,which are used for composting.
  15. fantastic pics bro heres a link you might want to read happy reading