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  1. A long time ago I had Nebo hierichonticus, but these are really nice also. Still not really had the time for pictures but I will have a feeding session tonight so hopefully they will cooperate The P. imperator are pretty hard to find nowadays indeed and prices go through the roof. These were actually traded for a tarantula I got for free a year ago. Making it a pretty good deal
  2. They are very hard to find nowadays and if you find them they cost a lot. Indeed Heterometrus sp. are now their replacements in most cases. Sometimes I do come across them, as people know me from my previous website etc. Some Belgian guys I know just gotten fresh offspring. But think they will keep most for themselves for now.
  3. Last sunday I added some new additions to the scorpion room: 1.2.0 Buthus ibericus (1 female starting to get fatter). 0.1?.0 Androctonus australis (most possible female, but have to check it later). 0.3.0 Tityus stigmurus i6 0.0.2 Hottentotta jayakari i3 0.0.3 Nebo yemenensis i5/6 0.0.3 Androctonus bicolor i3 0.0.3 Centruroides bicolor i4 0.0.3 Babycurus jacksoni i2/3 0.0.3 Babycurus wituensis i2/3 0.0.2 Pandinus imperator i5 1.0.0 Leiurus quinquestriatus Picture will follow when I have more time left
  4. You could look into Liocheles australasiae, mild venom and parthenogenetic.
  5. Lets start spamming were possible Nice to see you here too
  6. Just spotted a huge mistake in my text, had to edit that as it looked like I would visit regular and dissapear again. Of course had to be NOT dissapear again LOL Good luck with deleting the spam, those idiots posting it should get a life (or end their life, whichever comes first). I will try to get some more people back in here.
  7. Hi all, Lots of new people on here since I left I guess. Took me just a few years to get back here, sorry for that. Who doesn't know me, just a Dutch guy who is active with scorpions (this year my 20th anniversary). In short what happened in the mean time to those who do remember me: - Gotten a kid, boy, now 4 years old and crazy about spiders and scorpions - Gotten married (second time, will keep this one I guess) - Been busy with a dutch messagenoard on scorpions and giving lectures and such - Just finished setting up the Dutch scorpion society I used to have the website (will be online till june) but that one will be gone. Pandinus imperator and the Scorpionidae family always were my favorites, nowadays I also work with lots of other families. Want to know more, just ask. Will try to visit this great site on a regular basis and not disappear again
  8. I'm not a Buthus expert, but I would say A. bicolor
  9. Thanks! The Vaejovis cf. pequeno is very small--the etymology is correct! As a general comparison, the adult female is about the size of a juvenile Tityus bastosi, about 18 - 20 mm. Second instar babies of this species are very tiny, only about 5 - 6 mm! It is an interesting species. I have some more information on the species as well... Not bad, about the size of some Euscorpius species Very nice looking scorpion, like Michiel says hope you can breed them
  10. Great pictures! How small is that Vaejovis cf. pequeno adult female?
  11. Thanks! When I have some time (probably somewhere in weekends) I will translate the article and place them. When I do this I will send you a link so you can check your name is under the article
  12. Exactly, btw your article does very well in the Dutch boards I run. Everyone really likes your SOTM about H. arizonensis! That's maybe the most important part of the SOTM's, spread the word around the world
  13. scared the heck out of me for a short time Glad it's back up and running, I had a message from an American friend to answer
  14. Great SOTM!! And welcome to VL!
  15. Good idea, that can make people more active in here and gives them a very nice role to the boards. I help out as much as possible, I wont replace Peter because he might come back. But I will be his substitute till then.