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  1. Amazing pictures.
  2. Amazing the temperament difference between the vespula from Europe and those that illegally came over here. The ones here will attack you if you so much as look at them funny. Just a quick word on meat, a diet consisting only of meat may cause problems or nutrition deficiencies. so try to vary the diet if you can, on that note it would be really cool if you could have two nests of this species and raise one purely on meats and the other with a varied diet and see what differences occur.
  3. Well what happened?
  4. Pinning. This is win!
  5. I know I saw my first Sphex pensylvanicus this year the thign was HUGE.
  6. What you will need to do, assuming you actually have queens is to remove all the males from the nest and set them free, then go out and catch unrelated males and introduce them to your females, good luck. The best way to induce mating is to allow them to be out doors in their cage and experience the lowering temps and shortening day periods.
  7. No wasps this year, I don't have enough money for it.
  8. WOW I bet you could rear a smaller nest but they would definitely need to be free ranged as they grew larger. Amazing photos!
  9. Yes they have, and animal planet does their utmost to make the people they interview look crazy, to try and give the exotic animal hobby a bad name to the "normal" public. There other show "fatal attractions" even makes experts look like nuts as well, they totally slammed an expert in venomous snakes and made him look like some one who did not know what he was doing despite the fact the guy had decades of experience.
  10. Like I told Terry, don't do it, they will make you look like a complete nutjob.
  11. Could be Polistes fuscatus, carolina or perplexus.
  12. Its sounds like this woman wants a career in politics. This show makes people look like nuts... it has nothing to do with catching attention. Pets 101 is a highly popular show on animal planet despite the lackluster title.(And one I actually watch since it does not reek of an agenda and is fairly accurate) Stick with your decision and decline this TV appearance.
  13. Oh god yup they would have made you look like a nut, that show is as far from a legit documentary as possible.
  14. I think its best you stick with your choice.the fact that they won't even tell you what show your going to be on is also rather creepy...
  15. More importantly any success with breeding?