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  1. Sunday we got our first snow so I got out and took some pics. Here are some that I took on my property.
  2. Thanks I will probably need some or alot of luck on this
  3. Sorry I havent been around much lately. Between home and work I'm like super duper busy these days but that should be changing soon (I hope). Anyways, I recently required a male ornata that is looking for a lovely female in which I happen to have. At this point in time they are living together. I havent seen any hanky panky yet although my girl appears to be more serious about it than the boy which might be a wise thing on his behalf being that I have a rep for having the meanest girl spiders. So far I hear alot of drumming at night. I shall keep this updated from time to time and hopefully something good will come of this
  4. Growing up, arent they? Here are some pics of my peewee
  5. Looking good
  6. You need to ask this person where this info come from. They wont kill you unless you are a cricket or other similar insect
  7. The one I had mated last year just molted so it should be ready to try it again
  8. Those are real nice additions Jeroen!
  9. She's plumped up on squash bugs from the garden hehe
  10. This is prolly my favorite of the US native Latros
  11. This spider lives under my BBQ grill where I have been feeding it bugs from the garden
  12. Welcome to VL Timo. Hope you enjoy our little site
  13. Nathaly is packing our gear today. I'll be down sometime Friday.
  14. They do everything slow so yeah they are slow growers and probably difficult to breed although I never tried breeding them before
  15. You must have a good woman! Good luck and be careful! Welcome to VL!