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  2. Thanks buddy, Yeah it was very high up and my dad came so if I fell out of the tree and got injured he could take me back home and get me to the hospital. Safety first
  3. Looks like that swarm was super high judging based on the ladder in the background! Nice catch.
  4. That nest looks like it might have been high enough off the ground to not cause much of a problem
  5. Hey Vulgaris, I have not been up today to look at the nest because my dad and I got home last night from our up North vacation in Wisconsin. Speaking of bumbles I saw some really cool bumbles in Wisconsin and I also got the eclipse too
  6. Hey Hornissen this nest is looking great. How is it doing ?
  7. Here is a recent pic of the nest I took today and the nest is much larger
  8. Howdy Folks, Been a couple weeks but my old computer kept crashing giving me the blue screen of death and got a new one now. I relocated a bumblebee nest earlier this year and it has grown a lot and this species is the American Bumblebee ( Bombus Pensylvanicus ) I will go up sometime and take more of the nest since it is much larger and get video too.
  9. That is a big beautiful nest you found. My bees have done well this year I got 3 pails worth of honey, I caught a swarm and relocated a bumblebee nest.
  10. I found this nest a local school in a small structure covering a furnace. It's 10'' tall by 9'' width.
  11. I am very interested in Vaejovis carolinianus a.k.a. southern devil scorpion. I once kept one for a small amount of time and I absolutely love them. They are the only scorpion I have ever had and even in the small time I cared for one, it amazed me. I would love to own another so if anybody knows where to buy one or has some to sell I would appreciate it.
  12. Hey everyone, This afternoon I removed a baldfaced hornet nest from a customers tree that they spotted and felt the need for a professional was warranted. I responded the same day and removed this nest without the use of any pesticides. Here are some photos of the removal including my set up for this one. I filmed a video and will be uploading it to Youtube shortly.
  13. Yeah it's nice to see the site back up and stuff. Nice to see your getting into the year strong too!
  14. Amazing pictures.
  15. Hello everyone, I took some photos of all of my nests (at the time) back in earlyOctober of 2016. I have since acquired a V. squamosa nest which was not among the group of nests photographed but took photos at a later date and it is among the collection of photos here. That nest was attached to mulch and when I pulled it up at least a third of the envelope and all 5 combs came out intact and still attached from the original point of attachment (the mulch). You can see a queen was still on this nest after I collected it and brought it home. There were workers on the nest also but they all died by the time I took photos of the nest. I had it outside for a few nights and it got cold before I took it in for the photos and then boxed it away. The other nests include one D. maculata collected form a crab apple tree in a business park from late October 2013, a germanica yellow jacket nest collected in early November 2013 from a shed that was built inside of a cardboard box the nest on the right side in photo GOPR2000 & GOPR2009, a germanica nest that was built behind insulation and attached to the wooden flooring/ceiling of a customers basement in 2015 and survived and emitted many queens until late December of that year and this nest was ironically placed in a cardboard box which the wasps built the nest to fill the box in completely (seen in the background of photo GOPR2001, a flavopilosa nest that was dug up from a customers home in mid-September of 2015 and there were 14-16 queen pupal caps in an otherwise empty nest GOPR2002 and the color of the maculifrons queen and first worker construction is a different color, and a maculifrons nest GOPR2001 front of photo I am holding that was excavated from a business park (different park than the 2013 maculata nest) in mid-November of 2014 and it has a very cool mixed worker/queen comb and maybe my favorite comb set from any nests that I have. I can not pick a favorite nest and I keep these nests in a dry protected closet boxed up but wanted to share some photos with you all. I did have some other photos from this photo set but I guess they got removed form my hard drive because the were the photos i could find. Maybe I will take some more photos of all my nests in the future if/when I get more. I have 6 nests total 1 maculata, 2 germanica, 1 flavopilosa, 1 maculifrons, and 1 squamosa as of this posting. Chris
  16. Figure I would add my facility for this forum and this 3 side pole barn is where I keep my honeybees and also it has been used by wasps, yellow jackets, and bumblebees. I call this pole barn of mine my bee shack. I also keep my tools for opening beehives and they are my hive tool, frame gripper, entrance reducers, mouse guards to keep mice out of the hives during the winter and my smoker.
  17. Howdy Folks! It sure feels good to back home on the Venom List! I was ready to pull my hair out fighting the browser with the deceptive site warnings and the ant-virus software blocking me from going to the site. Well anyhow here are pics of a swarm I caught. On Hump Day this past week I was getting ready to leave the bee yard and saw a swarm coming forth from another hive sadly I could not get that one because I had to go to work Regards, Michael
  18. My male Benin rhino viper shed over the weekend and made a giant mess so I had to pull him out for cleaning. Going to upgrade these guys to bigger cages soon. Here's a picture of the female, which I cleaned a few weeks ago. She's a lot darker than the male. They are about 2 years old.
  19. Welcome back <3

  20. Stunning nest! I had the same issue with my squamosa, a bunch of workers defended a mostly flooded and half dug up empty nest and prevented me from salvaging anything. It is difficult to say if that is the Foundress. Aged yellowjackets will most often have dark spots on the abdominal terga where the pigments have degraded, like this old V. flavopilosa foundress
  21. It's a really nice looking nest. And the question about the queen, based on her size (abdomen) Seems like she is the old queen. She's pretty determined to stay on her home
  22. I collected the nest on the light pole by setting up a step ladder in a truck and had a paint scrapper to cut it off. I found two nests of black Jackets this year and both nests got eaten. Not sure about V. Rufa, but I found a small paper nest under a pine root at work back in early July and it could of been either those or Forest Yellow Jackets. I think I have seen V. Alascensis workers flying about over the summer as well. Have not seen workers or any nests of Germanica yet.
  23. Great nests! How did you collect the nest from the light pole? It looked to be high up. Also, do you ever find Vespula consobrina "black jacket", or Vespula acadica "forest yellow jacket" up where you live? I think in Maine you can find the V. rufa group yellow jackets more than in my area. I think in Pennsylvania it is only in the Appalachian region where I could encounter consobrina or acadica and I have not had the time to take any road trips there to look for them. You may also encounter V. alascensis in Maine. Finally, maybe the German yellow jacket is finally spreading to your area.
  24. I collected a Maculifrons with 7 combs, had nine but they got eaten. Nest was in a bank so it's kinda of small and tall.
  25. Hey buddy!! Those are some super cool nests you got there. Have you found any Vespula nests at all this year?
  26. That last nest got eaten, should of collected it when I found it.
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